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Updated: Apr 21

Some of you may have noticed mentions of an accident and maybe a few vaguely sad posts. I’ve also found myself overwhelmed by writing and sometimes by even returning texts. So since I finally have some answers, I figured I would take a moment (and the rest of today’s brainpower) to explain.

About a month ago, I was in a serious car accident. I was VERY lucky to walk away with the only immediate loss being my adorable Mini Cooper. Over the following week, I found myself in a state of shock and very sore from whiplash but was reassured of no broken bones by radiology. About 5 days after the wreck, I developed crippling skull pain and migraines. An ER visit ruled out a brain bleed and fracture so I continued trying to muscle through.

Loud sounds, flashing lights and overstimulation created uncontrollable shaking and tears. Long or complex texts from friends and clients led to hopelessness and crying. I was having anxiety attacks for the first time in my life.

Each day of work resulted in migraines, lightning bolts in my shoulders, bulging neck pains that radiated to my scalp followed by at least an entire day in bed, light and screen sensitivity, deep depression and more tears. I was forgetting anything I didn’t notate and I started to not recognize myself.

The neurology appointment I had scheduled right after my ER visit finally came this week.

*Allow me to first apologize to my friends and family for what I now know were erratic moods due to a fairly significant concussion. 🫤 The great news is that all but the migraines and enduring physical pain are explained by the concussion and will resolve with diligent exercise, supplements and new strategies for managing work. The migraines and body pain are thankfully not from a central nervous system issue but instead from nerve damage in my neck and shoulders- so again, something that will resolve with physical therapy and bodywork.

The best news is that I’m back. I’m cleared to work a manageable load and as long as you can nudge me if I miss a response and be patient with a slightly limited schedule, your wardrobes and new fashion are what are giving me the excitement and energy I need to get back to ME!

Thank you all who have reached out and sent sweet sentiments. It’s hard for me to be so vulnerable, but it has also been a good exercise in understanding the trauma of an accident and the difficulty and frustrations of invisible limitations. I love you all. ♥️

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