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The New “Normal” is Extremely Personal

My approach to styling each client and every wardrobe has always been a highly personalized one- taking into consideration individual style, the life being lived, the places we are going and the closets that we have to work with. With the new circumstances and challenges that the pandemic has presented us, there has been an extreme shift in almost all of these factors.

In early March, I made the difficult but exciting decision to move my business out of one single store in order to open up my offering to my wonderful clientele to include more one-on-one and in-home styling and editing. (Incredible timing, I know…) The good news is that this change has extended my reach to a larger range of merchandise across all markets which expands our options in many ways to include new and emerging brands and a diversity of price points.

As we look forward to a likely bizarre Fall, I wanted to offer my services to all of you and to let you all know that I understand that for each of you, the version of shopping that feels best might look very different from what we have done in the past. I have worked to create various options so that you can consider what sounds safest and hopefully the most fun while we navigate the next several months of returning to our lives- our schools, our jobs, and hopefully our friends and families and our socially distanced events.

Personal Styling and Wardrobe Curating this Fall with HHN:

Home Closet Consultation and Editing

My mask will be worn throughout our session for your safety and my own. We will thoroughly assess each item to determine its usefulness and if it continues to flatter you and represent your personal style and current lifestyle. While doing so, the closet will be organized and streamlined to help you make the most of what you have invested in. A strategic list of any needs will be made and executed, including alterations, pieces to enhance or complete outfits and any needed products for repairs and further organization.

Private In-Home Shopping Session

I will pre-shop all stores to curate a selection of clothing to suit your current needs and secure a consignment package to be delivered and tried together in your home. If desired, I can have a tailor join us to handle any needed alterations during our session or book one for a future visit.

Private Showroom Appointment

I have the unique privilege of having been invited to host private client appointments at several designer showrooms in the city. I also have access to the wonderful showroom of Mitchell’s on W 56th St, which offers an incredible tailoring service. If avoiding department stores but getting out of the house for a true shopping experience sounds like a welcome change of pace, this is a great opportunity for some new fun. I will coordinate with you to choose which showrooms to visit and in the case of the Mitchell’s experience, I will create a PDF of options from Mitchell’s online and several outside vendors that would be welcomed and brought into their showroom for our appointment. 

Good Old Fashioned In-Store Personal Shopping Experience

Just like in the good old days, I will work with you to devise a very personalized list of wants and needs. Keeping those and your preferences in mind, we will determine which store or group of stores best meets our needs. Prior to your appointment, I will pre-shop and curate a collection for our session. Lunch and/or refreshments will be provided and as always much fun will be had. 😉

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