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KMD More than a Designer, a Powerful Advocate for Our Planet and for Much Needed Change

By the title, I imagine it is clear that I have mountains of admiration for Kimberly, and no it is not just that we both have the distinction of being known by our initials and that we share a weakness for any animal in need...

“Kimberly McDonald launched in 2007 in New York City, following Kimberly’s career as a curator of private clients’ fine jewelry collections. Composing collections left a mark on her, sparking the creation of a brand where every one-of-a-kind piece carries a story and invites connection.

Connection is a hallmark of the Kimberly McDonald brand: connection between the owner and a piece, between Kimberly McDonald and trusted suppliers, between the company and the planet. Kimberly's love of all things natural is more than a foundation for her work as a designer; sustainability is integral to the brand’s existence.”

On top of all this awesome is the fact that she has also funded 30,000 masks to support the healthcare workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her commitment to sustainability, to our planet and to all of us gives me hope and respect for her contribution to our industry. So at the end of this third week of quarantine, I thought I would give you a peek at her breathtaking jewelry and her stunning home collection- both of which center on a deep appreciation of the melding of the raw and the fine. As KMD‘s signature states, #ilikerocks.

And though jewelry is how I became acquainted with KMD’s incredible talent for design, her home absolutely blew me away. Here are some images of her home as featured in Modern Luxury Interiors Atlanta and a few of my favorite pieces from her home collection. Enjoy!

Much of her home collection is customizable and the wallpapers (my favorite🤩) are available for purchase. Please contact me for further inquiry.

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