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Hello from HHN! Just a quick note about who I am and why I love what I do...

I began my fashion journey in 1998, when a wonderful manager at Saks Fifth Avenue in Boston took a chance on a kid studying music down the street at Berklee who was trying to explore her passion for style. From day one, aside from the incredible merchandise I was exposed to, the best part of my days were the hours spent creating relationships, learning clients' fit concerns and lifestyles and feeling truly invested in making them look and feel better than they had when they had walked through the door.

More than 20 years later, my expertise for fit, eye for color and my involvement with preseason runway markets for several luxury houses have grown me into a truly effective and unique stylist who loves to curate and strategize closets for real people who want to look AND FEEL incredible and present themselves authentically with their style identity.

Looking forward to hearing from many of you!

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