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Have a Heart

I am a lucky girl who gets to call some of the most wonderful, talented and interesting people in the business her friends. Earlier this week, as I looked ahead to a blog schedule, I decided that I really wanted to end the week sharing something positive and powerful- and hey, maybe something to get the gears turning on gift ideas for the rapidly approaching Mother’s Day. That’s when I thought of Jenn Shanker, the undeniably cool woman behind the MUSE showroom, who doesn’t just play with pretty jewels all day, she strategizes ways to positively impact the world and promote sustainable practices in her industry.

MUSE began out of a love for the offbeat and beautiful. They started working with one fine jewelry designer before branching out and representing a small group of hand-picked talents—many of whom are international and exclusive to MUSE in the US market. Not only have they launched this incredible (and endlessly giftable) Have A Heart charitable charm collection, but they also previously collaborated with Gemfields, a world leading supplier of responsibly sourced colored gemstones, to curate a capsule collection using ethically-sourced Zambian emeralds and Mozambican rubies, which helped to promote sustainable mining practices. So beware! Guiltless indulgence lies ahead...

Have A Heart is a multi-designer, cool, collaborative charm collection with a charitable angle—conceived of and curated by MUSE. Each charm in the Have A Heart collection is either literally or figuratively, a heart. The literal hearts are hearts, or arrows or keys, symbols associated with hearts. The figurative hearts are charms, which through sales raise funds for causes dear to their hearts.

The Have A Heart Collection consists of over 300 charms by an incredible group of talented designers:

- Anna Maccieri Rossi - Luis Morais

- Bea Bongiasca - Mark Davis

- Buddha Mama - Marlo Laz

- Carolina Neves - Michelle Fantaci

- Christina Alexiou - Nancy Newberg

- Elena Votsi - Nikos Koulis

- Elie Top - Silvia Furmanovich

- Essere - Stephanie Windsor

- Federico Rettore - Suzanne Syz

- Guita M - Sylva & Cie

- Holly Dyment - Tara Hirshberg

- Jenna Blake - Ten Thousand Things

- Lito - Vram

The Artists. Original artwork by Adrianna Kinal

In this amazing campaign, MUSE is using fine jewelry to truly make a difference. They have partnered with several fabulous, philanthropic, fine jewelry-loving Have A Heart Ambassadors- Deborah Watson for Project ALS, Laura Brown for Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park, Lizzie Tisch for City Meals on Wheels, Stacy London for the JED Foundation, and Stellene Volander for Broadway Cares.

***To shop and order, please contact me (I LOVE styling these charms and chains 🖤) or visit and enter Harper Neal Style in the gift message box. If the item is indeed a gift, put your message below that and that text will be removed. Happy guilt-free and empowered shopping!***

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