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For your Smooches

Fully biased post alert!🤩

Just over 12 years ago, Em found herself in NYC tasked with caring for my first kiddo. Little did we know that a passion for styling ran in the family and hers was strong. Kellan was the best dressed infant in the city and it was due to our obsession with finding the best little boy fashions. Thankfully, Smoochie Baby was in our neighborhood. Fast forward to today and little sis is buyer, visual genius, general manager and part-owner of our favorite upscale kid’s boutique in Brooklyn.

The Smoochie Baby motto is that it‘s all about being playful and that feels mighty nice in this tough time. While it may be true that their fashion is meant for wear and that “nothing is too precious”, I think you’ll agree that it is all absolutely precious. Please visit their website and order some goodies- after all, we love our kids even more when they look cute, right?

*AND you will be supporting a wonderful small business with THE best staff- including my favorite sister. (I’m hers as well. I am certain of it.) Follow @smoochie_baby on Instagram and you will receive 20% off your order. 😊

❤️❤️❤️ (She’s also my cutest sister.)

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